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Syntra Global takes the lead as the top supplier of Vacuum Sealer Machines in Dubai, UAE. Synonymous with quality and innovation, we offer unparalleled solutions for industries seeking efficient and effective vacuum packaging tools. Syntra Global’s Vacuum Sealer Machines are renowned for their advanced technology and are made by world-leading manufacturers. They are meticulously designed for precision and durability to ensure freshness and long shelf life. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction places them at the forefront of the packaging industry. Syntra Global continues to be a leader in the packaging machinery industry by bringing the best vacuum sealing Machines technology to the market.

Vacuum Sealer Machines are specialized packing machines designed to remove air from the packaging before sealing it. They are widely used in various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc. These machines function by placing items in a plastic bag, extracting the air inside to create a vacuum, and then sealing the bag to maintain this vacuum state. This process is crucial for perishable goods as it helps extend the shelf life by slowing the oxidation process, thereby reducing spoilage and maintaining freshness.

Vacuum Sealer Machines come in various sizes and configurations, from small handheld devices for home use to more significant industrial-grade machines for high-volume production. Advanced models may also feature gas flushing options, where the vacuum bag is filled with an inert gas like nitrogen before sealing. This further helps to protect sensitive products from exposure to oxygen. Integrating technology in vacuum bag sealers, such as digital controls and automation, has also increased precision and efficiency, making them an indispensable tool in modern packing and preservation.


Table style Vacuum Sealer Machines

Vacuum Chamber machines or Vacuum packing machines are used to evacuate the air around perishable goods such as food products like cheese and meat whose extension of shelf life is desired.

Semi Automatic Horizontal Pouch Sealing Machine

Semi Automatic horizontal pouch sealing machine (Band sealer) is suitable for sealing of laminated as well as virgin films preformed pouches and available in 2 models.

Bench Top Vacuum Chamber Sealer Machine

Semi Automatic Pouch Sealing Machine to seal all type of Pouches, Made of laminates as well as virgin film.

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Pharma X-ray Inspection Systems Suppliers in UAE

Large model [XR75 series]

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