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Syntra Global is your leading destination for tray sealers and tray sealing machines in Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East. We take double pride in supplying only the best, high-quality tray sealers and tray sealing machines sourced from top manufacturers around the globe. But we continue beyond just providing any tray sealers; they offer a variety of types to suit your specific needs.

Tray sealers are machines designed specifically to seal food trays with an airtight seal, enhancing the longevity of the food stored inside. The primary objective of a tray sealer is to ensure that prepared meals stay fresh, are protected from outside contaminants, and remain appealing to customers. This results in improved product quality, longer shelf life, and better customer satisfaction. Whether for restaurants, grocery stores, or personal chefs, tray sealers offer a reliable, efficient, and professional solution to food packaging needs, playing a crucial role in the food industry’s delivery and takeaway services.

A tray sealing machine is a comprehensive term that covers various machines involved in sealing trays. It includes not only the tray sealer but also other equipment like tray loading systems, conveyor belts, and automation systems. These components work together in the complete tray sealing process for efficient and automated sealing operations.


Are you looking for manual tray sealers that allow hands-on control and are great for more minor operations? We’ve got you covered. Or may you require automated tray sealing machine that can handle high-volume sealing tasks with ease and efficiency? Syntra Global has those too. If your packaging requires a more advanced solution, we also offer Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) tray sealers that can extend the shelf life of your food products even further.

Regardless of your requirements, Syntra Global is committed to delivering the right tray-sealing solution for your business. We bring the world’s finest tray-sealing technologies to Dubai and beyond, enhancing the food packaging process one tray at a time. 

A reliable Tray Sealers Suppliers in Dubai UAE

Our Products

Syntra Global offers the food industry a variety of advanced tray sealing solutions, including top-notch tray sealing machines. We assist our customers in enhancing their quality, speed, and efficiency, and we provide exceptional service, support, and training to ensure their success.

Automatic Tray Sealing Machine

The Automatic Sealing Machine EHQ-350BL is a high-performance machine designed for swift and secure sealing of food trays. Its automation ensures efficiency, precision, and consistent quality in packaging tasks.

Semi Automatic Tray Sealing Machine

The Semi-Automatic Tray Sealing Machine EHQ-350 is a versatile device providing precise and reliable sealing of food trays. It balances manual control with automated efficiency for optimal packaging results.

Automatic Tray Sealing Machine

The Automatic Tray Sealing Machine EHQ-200 is a cutting-edge device that delivers speedy, dependable sealing of food trays. It provides automated efficiency, enhancing productivity and packaging quality.

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Syntra Global represents a number of world-renowned manufacturers.

The mission of Syntra Global is to provide the world's most advanced processing, packaging, inspection, and automation solutions.

Syntra Global is a leading provider of processing, packaging, inspection, and automation machines in the Middle East. 

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