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We maintain our position as an industry leader as a provider of X-ray inspection systems, developed by a world-leading supplier, capable of detecting foreign bodies of the lowest density, far outperforming those manufactured by more conventional manufacturers.

An X-ray inspection system is designed to detect any contaminants that have a distinct density difference from the product being examined, such as bubbles, breakages, and other defects. We offer X-ray systems that are among the most accurate in the industry, and our machines are designed to move your products evenly through the X-ray beam on a conveyor belt so they can be inspected more thoroughly.

An X-ray inspection system is known for its outstanding performance in detecting hidden objects. Besides ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless-steel metal contaminants, it also detects glass, hard bone, ceramic, stone, and dense plastics. Further, shape analysis, missing items, and package integrity issues can be closely monitored to ensure that the overall quality of the product is maintained.

The objective of automated visual inspection in the food & beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries is to improve quality and protect brand reputation.

Our company is one of the market leaders when it comes to providing, installing, and servicing metal detection systems, X-ray inspection systems, check weighers, and platform scales in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates, we assist hundreds of companies in the food and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries with streamlining production processes, preventing product recalls, improving quality assurance programs, and protecting brand reputations.

Syntra Global brings world-leading manufacturers of X-ray inspection systems to Dubai.

X-ray Inspection Systems Suppliers in Dubai

Standard model [XR75 Side View]

The new Side View brings XR75 X-Ray technology and low TCO to rigid package inspection. Applications include PET bottles, standup pouches, vertical cartons and aseptic packaging. 

X-ray Inspection Systems Suppliers in UAE

Long life model[XR75 series]

Anritsu x-ray systems provide missing product detection, shape detection, virtual weight, count and package check, etc. The XR75 Long Life offers highest performance with lowest cost of ownership.

Food X-ray Inspection Systems Suppliers in Dubai

DualX HR [Dual Energy]

Equipped with a new High-Resolution Dual Energy Sensor for enhanced detection performance such as minute bones and metals

Pharma X-ray Inspection Systems Suppliers in UAE

Large model [XR75 series]

XR75 Large is designed for the inspection of products in large cartons, boxes, cases, trays, and bags. The system provides not only contaminant detection but also count check and missing inspection.

Food X-ray Inspection Systems Suppliers in Dubai

DualX HR [Dual Energy]

Pharma X-ray Inspection Systems Suppliers in UAE

Large model [XR75 series]


To maximize product quality and safety, food and pharmaceutical manufacturers use x-ray inspection systems. The latest x-ray inspection systems can detect physical contaminants in products while also performing in-line quality checks. With an x-ray inspection system, the brand and product reputation are protected while expensive recalls can be avoided.

New X-ray inspection systems are highly effective at detecting metals, glass, mineral stone, calcified bone, and high-density plastics and rubbers. Besides identifying contaminants, x-ray systems can check product integrity in-line, including shape analysis, missing items, package integrity, zones, and gross mass, identifying broken or missing parts, checking fill levels, detecting products trapped inside seals, and looking for damage.

In the food and pharmaceutical industries, radiation dose levels for x-ray inspection systems are very low, so they don't affect product safety, flavor, texture, or taste. There is a lot of regulation around x-ray inspection equipment, and it's becoming more popular. If strict safety guidelines are followed, modern x-ray systems inspection systems are perfectly safe. 

An x-ray inspection system can be installed at the beginning, during, or after a manufacturing process to inspect foreign bodies. It is important for manufacturers to evaluate their production processes and identify the risks associated with their products.  The best time to establish Critical Control Points (CCPs) is early on in the production process, prior to adding value. Some situations may make it more practical to inspect during manufacturing or after a product is finished before shipping.

Any X-ray inspection system from Syntra Global Dubai should include a service contract. A regular maintenance and verification of performance of an X-ray inspection system will ensure that it is performing at its optimal level, thus preventing food safety issues. By performing preventative maintenance, manufacturers are able to avoid downtime issues that may arise as a result of unexpected maintenance.

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