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The metal detectors we offer detect ferrous, stainless steel, and aluminium contaminants. By combining our exclusive technology and expertise, we can deliver highly accurate, reliable, easy to clean metal detection solutions. Our detectors also offer higher anti-interference capabilities and more competitive pricing.

High Sensitivity [M6-h series]

M6-h Series Metal Detector detects foreign body such as ferrous, stainless steel and aluminum. Unrivaled digital signal processing provides stable and high sensitivity.

Entry model [M5 series]

M5 Series Metal Detector is simple, easy to use and is suitable for those who introduce metal detector for the first time in their production lines.

Large model

Anritsu’s new large metal detector brings the unrivaled performance of M6-h dual-frequency technology to larger bulk and packaged products.

Free-Fall Model

Ideal for pre-packaging inspection of bulk, powder and granule products

Food X-ray Inspection Systems Suppliers in Dubai

DualX HR [Dual Energy]

Pharma X-ray Inspection Systems Suppliers in UAE

Large model [XR75 series]

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