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Syntra Global is a leading supplier of industrial metal detectors to Dubai’s food and pharmaceutical industries. Metal detectors ensure product quality, safety, and compliance by detecting and removing metal contaminants from the production line. Syntra Global specializes in providing industrial metal detectors explicitly tailored for the food and pharmaceutical industries. These detectors are designed with advanced technologies to offer high sensitivity and accuracy in detecting even the smallest metal contaminants. In addition, they can be integrated into existing production lines, helping to maintain the flow of operations without causing significant disruptions.

In Dubai, UAE, we were the first company to introduce leading manufacturers of industrial metal detectors, including manufacturers of metal detectors for the food, pharmaceutical, and other packaging industries.

When selecting an industrial metal detector, factors such as sensitivity, reliability, ease of integration, and compliance with industry standards and regulations should be considered. Syntra Global’s expertise in this field ensures that its metal detectors meet stringent quality standards and provide reliable performance.

By investing in an industrial metal detector from Syntra Global, food and pharmaceutical companies can enhance product safety, protect their brand reputation, and comply with industry regulations. Regular maintenance and calibration of the metal detector are crucial to ensure optimal performance and minimize false alarms.

It’s essential to consult with Syntra Global or their authorized distributors to determine the specific requirements of your production line and select the appropriate industrial metal detector solution for your business. Our metal detectors detect ferrous, stainless steel, and aluminium contaminants. We can deliver highly accurate, reliable, easy-to-clean metal detection solutions by combining our exclusive technology and expertise. Our detectors also offer higher anti-interference capabilities and more competitive pricing.

Our Products

High Sensitivity [M6-h series]

The High Sensitivity [M6-h series] Metal Detectors are advanced metal detection systems that offer exceptional sensitivity, capable of detecting even small metal contaminants in products for enhanced quality control and safety.

Entry model [M5 series]

The Entry model [M5 series] Metal Detectors are cost-effective metal detection systems suitable for entry-level applications. They provide reliable metal detection capabilities to ensure product quality and safety in various industries.

Large model

Large model Metal Detectors are robust and powerful metal detection systems designed for high-volume applications. They offer wide coverage, enhanced sensitivity, and advanced features to effectively detect metal contaminants in large-sized products or bulk materials.

Free-Fall Model

Free-Fall Model Metal Detectors are specialized metal detection systems used for inspecting bulk or loose products as they fall through a pipeline. They ensure efficient detection and removal of metal contaminants in food processing and industrial applications.

Syntra Global represents a number of world-renowned manufacturers.

The mission of Syntra Global is to provide the world's most advanced processing, packaging, inspection, and automation solutions.

Syntra Global is a leading provider of processing, packaging, inspection, and automation machines in the Middle East. 

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