Case former & sealers

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Syntra Global has formed partnerships with leading manufacturers of case formers and case sealers. Case erectors and sealers are available for all applications, from small footprint, low-speed units to large, high-speed units. Both tape and hot melt glue are available. Their case erectors and sealers are designed to operate continuously 24 hours a day and can be configured to support a wide range of case sizes.

For sales, parts, and services, we have an exclusive agreement with major companies. Our automation equipment is suitable for sanitary environments and has a small footprint, which helps to maximize space. A variety of case formers and case sealers are available from Syntra Global – a solution to fit every application and budget!

Tapping machine with strapping machine

Chios 13-19 is a light and strong seal-less manual strapping tool suitable for medium and heavy loads with flat surface.

Tapping machine

New generation automatic strapping machine with operator, mod. Easy Strap 309 is suitable for any package strapping requirement.

Case former with sealer

Automatic machine that carries out sealing by means of adhesive tape with option of the end and web break warning module.

Food X-ray Inspection Systems Suppliers in Dubai

DualX HR [Dual Energy]

Pharma X-ray Inspection Systems Suppliers in UAE

Large model [XR75 series]

Syntra Global represents a number of world-renowned manufacturers.

The mission of Syntra Global is to provide the world's most advanced processing, packaging, inspection, and automation solutions.

Syntra Global is a leading provider of processing, packaging, inspection, and automation machines in the Middle East. 

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